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Poster: FeedbackMonitor Date: Aug 10, 2012 9:28am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!


I am a GNU/Linux user and use a variety of Linux approved by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) as truly free, as in freedom.

I regret to say that your media player complies with systems that use proprietary software and not free ones. Consequently, your information is privileged only to corporate interests or those under their control.

Please take a moment to look up and the guidelines therein. It would be a shame to let, which is a noble idea, under control of Adobe and other such interests.

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Feb 9, 2013 10:40am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

i believe you are referring to the use of flash and .swf as a fallback option?

there is an opensource FLEX builder/compiler that jwplayer points to and AFAIK uses to make their .swf files. their .as (actionscript) code is available and opensource online.

i'm not a lawyer or remotely aware of much of the issues at hand. however, the player checks, with open JS code, to see if browser doesn't seem to be able to playback html5 video tagged audio/video by default, and if it doesn't seem to be able, uses JS code to see if flash plugin is installed. if so, it changes the play area into an object tag. so what the user's browser does from there is kind of somewhere in the gray zone of us "under control of Adobe", maybe?

anyway, please feel free to re-look at our setup and comment more about what you primarily object to. for example, would you prefer we just issue a "your OS/browser cannot play this media" message instead of falling back to checking for flash?

we appreciate your concerns, and everyone on staff is concerned with opensource tools, solutions, and software. we use anything outside of that world as little as absolutely possible!